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Good Technologists Solve Problems. Great Innovators Create Opportunities.

Join us as we showcase VMware's strategy in the next phase of its journey. COO, Customer Operations, Sanjay Poonen and Chris Wolf, Vice President and CTO, Global Field & Industry will shine a spotlight on the key pillars responsible for reshaping industries – cloud, mobility, networking and security.

Whether you are in IT, developing software within a line of business, managing DevOps, or working in security operations to fight the latest round of ransomware, you need to build existing skills while simultaneously learning new ones. Software transformed the world in the last decade; the platforms behind it are now unveiling even more benefits: blockchain, artificial intelligence, serverless computing, IoT, machine learning, edge computing, actionable analytics, digital workspace, proactive cyber security and many more. Hear and learn from the firsthand experiences of customers who are succeeding in their own transformation journeys.

Technology transformation is more than optimizing data centers, saving OpEx and driving automation. Offering new methods of software delivery, operating in a multi-cloud world, embracing new programming models, upping your game in user experience, taking containerized apps to production or building modern apps are not just your challenges. These are the collective opportunities for all vFORUM attendees. Hear how VMware can partner with you in this next turn in our journey, to succeed like never before.

10:35am - 11:05am

VMware TECHNICAL KEYNOTE Technology Innovation is What Keeps Companies Competitive

Companies today depend on technology to innovate more rapidly and get to market faster. IT now faces high pressure from customers, competitors and executives to successfully transform technology. Such transformative opportunities are the focus of this session.

Join Chris Wolf , VP & CTO, Global Field and Industry to dive deeper into the reality of how a fictional company successfully transforms from industry laggard to industry leader by embracing VMware, partner and open-source technologies from the cloud to the edge.

VMware experts will guide you through demos that will help you deploy compelling and differentiated solutions and services, showcasing how VMware is innovating in exciting and unexpected ways. Today’s highly dynamic market demands nothing less than continual rapid innovation, always-on availability, security, flexibility and scalability, and VMware is at the forefront of helping you make that a reality.

11:10am - 11:50am

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Showcase Session

Transforming the Data Center to Deliver Any Application on Any Platform

Your data center needs to evolve. The age of digital transformation has pushed the role of the data center beyond headquarters and out to the cloud. Today’s competitive climate is placing increased pressure on organizations to emphasize innovation over operations. It’s no longer about running and maintaining traditional infrastructures; it’s about transforming to deliver business agility. In this session, you’ll hear from customers that are using VMware’s innovative, software-defined data center architecture to modernize infrastructure, automate IT, and deploy modern cloud native applications and microservices. We’ll feature the latest demos and discuss products and solutions including vSAN, VMware Cloud Foundation, vRealize Suite and Developer Ready Infrastructure that have already been tested at scale in hyperscale cloud providers and are helping enterprises future-proof the data center and deliver better business outcomes.
Showcase Session

Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces

You need to help employees work smarter. Consumer technologies are driving digital transformation in the workplace. The workforce is no longer tethered to a physical space and their apps and data are moving to the cloud - requiring IT to redefine how end-user services should be delivered to meet the rising demands of employees, and lines of business. In this showcase, you will hear from customers, partners, and innovators at VMware who are building on intelligence to transform the way their organizations securely empower the workforce for a better user experience. Learn how forward-thinking IT organizations are creating digital workspace strategies to harness the power of new apps, devices, and connected things to transform business processes and drive engagement and productivity for every employee. This session is highly recommended for those attending VMware AirWatch, VMware Horizon, or VMware Workspace ONE related product sessions throughout the week.

Build VMware Powered Hybrid Clouds: See How vCloud Director and NSX™ work together to build true Hybrid Clouds

As a Cloud Service Provider, its imperial to have a platform that let you deliver Hybrid Clouds that make efficient use of your datacenter resources as well as offer multiple ways to deliver Hybrid channels to workloads in the cloud. VMware vCloud Director Solution helps to enable the delivery of cloud services that make efficient use of your datacenter, at the same time, it works with VMware NSX™ to deliver efficient, multi-tenant networking services that enable Hybrid paths to Cloud. vCD works with NSX™ to create Hybrid extension points seamlessly and securely. The session will go over various methods of enabling hybrid connectivity. Showcase how private vLANS/VxLANs from on prem VMware vSphere® environments can be easily extended into virtual datacenters in your Cloud backed by VMware vSphere® or VMware vCloud Director.

Increase Application Security with VMware NSX™ and App Defense

The biggest obstacle in security may well be an architectural gap between the apps and data we must protect and the infrastructure in which we place controls. The cloud presents an opportunity to architect in security rather than bolt it on. The question is no longer “How do I secure the cloud?” but rather “How can I leverage the unique properties of the cloud to transform security?” Micro-segmentation opened the door, enabling us to see and control the infrastructure through the lens of the application to prevent security breaches. This application-centric approach is now being extended up the stack to detect anomalies in applications and execute automated responses to threats.

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 1

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 1

1:00pm - 1:45pm
Showcase Session

Simplifying and Accelerating Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

The need to integrate multiple clouds is the new normal. We are living in a multi-cloud world and your cloud strategy should enable you to choose the right clouds, for the right workloads, at the right time. In this session we’ll showcase how VMware’s rapidly expanding Cloud Services portfolio is helping customers optimize their cloud strategy by matching application requirements to the right cloud destinations — based on needs for cost savings, application agility, and timescales. VMware executives will showcase our latest capabilities including VMware Cloud on AWS and Cross-Cloud Services. And hear from VMware customers using our cloud solutions to accelerate cloud transformation, extend existing datacenter investments, gain insights across cloud environments, and achieve consistency in managing, securing, and delivering in multi-cloud environments.

Showcase Session

Transforming Networking and Security for the Digital Era

Companies today depend on the applications and the data used to redefine their industry and fundamentally their business models. Networking and security needs to be focused on the application and independent of the underlying infrastructure. This allows security capabilities to be wrapped around the VM, container, or microservices across heterogeneous endpoints and across cloud silos for the lifecycle of the application – no matter how brief. The network becomes the fabric that brings together the platform in a secure, highly available, and automated experience that is consistent from the data center to the edge – but it has to be delivered both as software and an open platform for innovation. Join this showcase to hear from networking and security leaders as well as customers on how VMware enables a network virtualization and security platform for the enterprise that helps customers make the transition to the digital era.

Live Demos! See Your Digital Workspace Brought to Life with VMware

You need to help employees work smarter. Consumer technologies are driving digital transformation in the workplace. The workforce is no longer tethered to a physical space, apps and data are moving to the cloud – redefining how IT delivers end-user services. Join this session to see how forward-thinking IT organisations are creating digital workspaces with VMware to harness the power of new apps, devices, and connected things to transform business processes and drive engagement and productivity for every employee.

This is an action-packed session filled with live demos which showcases how VMware’s Workspace ONE provides Unified Endpoint Management by managing devices from Apple, Microsoft and Google. Whether you are driving BYOD adoption or deploying line of business devices, Workspace ONE can support any use cases. In this session, you will see first-hand how Privacy, Compliance, Security and User Experience can be brought together with Workspace ONE and we’ll show you how to repeat this using your devices back at the office to get started on your digital transformation journey.

Cloud Foundation

How to Operationalize Your Software-Defined Data Center in 90 Days: The Proven Approach to IT Transformation

Is it possible to transform your organization to a fully functional software-defined data center in just 90 days? Indeed it is possible if you follow these steps. If you are looking to transform your existing data center, simplify operations, become more agile in the market, regain control of your cloud environments, and have control over your IT costs, all while maintaining strict levels of security and compliance, this session is for you. Gain key insights learned from real-world customer transformation initiatives and learn what to look out for to be successful and avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

1:55pm - 2:25pm

DELL EMC - State of The Union: Everything Multi-Cloud, Converged, Hyper-Converged and Modern Apps

You have questions? Danny Elmarji has answers! The technology landscape is continuously evolving, making it a challenge for IT leaders to keep up. Danny will relate Dell Technologies’ perspective on multi-cloud, converged and hyper-converged, data analytics, and more. He will provide a glimpse into the future and reveal insights on how modern workloads are influencing new approaches and solutions.


DEV OPS Fireside Chat 2

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 2
2:35pm - 3:05pm

Macquarie Cloud Services

Macquarie Cloud Services

Hitachi Data Systems - Data Driven Digital Transformation

IT Agility means "saying Yes to More". Increased agility drives accelerated innovation and a successful journey to Digital Transformation. Hitachi is committed to accelerating our VMware customers' Digital Transformation journey by bringing IT Agility to life, with deep integration that accelerates deployments.

Kaspersky Lab - True Cybersecurity for Your Hybrid Cloud

Kaspersky Lab introduces the solution specifically designed to provide powerful, borderless protection for enterprise-level hybrid environments, combining the strengths of both private and public clouds. As you embrace the full benefits that hybrid clouds bring, our solution mirrors your strategic approach, travelling with you as your hybrid cloud evolves.

VEEAM - Implementing Advanced vSphere Features with Veeam Availability Suite

In this session, many new features will be shown in how they can be made available with Veeam. vSphere® encrypted virtual machines have specific use cases and considerations for properly being backed up and restored. Environments using vSAN™ have additional capabilities with Veeam Backup & Replication that are unique and performant. Environments using VVols and SPBM have many considerations with the policy for backups and restores. Coming in Veeam Backup & Replication v10, service providers using NSX™ & vCloud Director have additional options with Veeam as well. Finally, see how Veeam can provide role-based access for self-service backup & restore in vSphere® environments (also coming in v10).

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 3

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 3
3:10pm - 3:40pm

Dell CCC

Dell CCC


VMware cloud program to reseller

Zettagrid - 100% Uptime. Now and Beyond.

In today's modern and virtual world you would expect that our businesses would not be bound to outdated and underperforming systems. In this digital age of hyper-change, why are we still using legacy thinking by relying upon manual processes? My presentation will explore what innovation today can transform tomorrow.



3:45pm - 4:15pm

IGEL Technologies


Rackspace - VMware Private Cloud @ Public Cloud agility



4:20pm - 4:50pm

Paving the Way to the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Service Providers and vCloud Availability

As VMware vCloud Air Network partners work with new customers, one of the most common issues encountered is how the service provider will move the customers' existing workloads to the cloud. Customers want a streamlined approach to moving these workloads, and service providers are looking for a way to migrate workloads for multiple customers in a scalable manner. With the introduction of vCloud Availability 1.0.1, VMware is able to help customers and partners meet these goals. In this session, we will discuss some of the traditional solutions VMware provides for service providers. We will then take a look at vCloud Availability 1.0.1 and how it enables migration to the cloud and provides management of migrations for customers moving to vCloud Air Network providers leveraging the same tools that they use in their environments today.

Power of VMware NSX™ Network Virtualization for Elastic Apps and Data Centers

VMware NSX™ is very well known for its rich network and security services as well as its ability to speed up the delivery of applications. It also offers advanced automation, allowing great services and benefits that are almost impossible to provide in non-network virtualized networks. This session will focus on three use cases that are usually very complex to achieve but made very simple thanks to NSX-v automation built-in capabilities: 1) scale-out/scale-in applications within a single data center (elastic LB); 2) active/standby multisites based on GSLB (DNS); and 3) simple migration of applications from DC1 to DC2.

An Insider's View into Windows 10 Management with VMware AirWatch®

Over the next two years nearly 750 million PCs will be migrating to Windows 10, if they have not done so already. When evaluating and migrating to Windows 10, it is critical to understand the use cases and benefits of various deployment choices and to determine the enrollment options that best suit your organization's devices and use cases.

Traditional approaches to Windows management are expensive, complex for IT organizations, and restrictive for users. Windows 10 changes what's possible for users, for IT departments, and for businesses, including how devices can be managed with a modern mobile device management APIs, how updates occur, and more. In addition, we will compare traditional PC lifecycle management solutions to managing a Windows 10 computer using VMware AirWatch, and the resulting lower costs, greater security, and improved end-user experience.

The Future of VMware Cloud Management Today and Tomorrow

In this session we will give you an update on VMware’s strategy for the efficient operations and consumption of today’s modern hybrid environments. We will uncover how you can automate your IT lifecycle so you can streamline and simplify the deployment infrastructure requirements. We will also cover our new Cloud Services offering to give you a better understanding on how a pay as you go model can help reduce your overall capital investment.

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 4

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 4
4:55pm - 5:25pm

VMware Cloud Provider Panel

VMware Cloud Provider Panel

The Future of Networking and Security with NSX-T

Network virtualization with NSX™ is achieving widespread adoption. The majority of today's deployments are in vSphere® environments, but a more heterogeneous world is coming. As developers embrace new technologies like containers, and the percentage of workloads running in public clouds increases, network virtualization must expand to offer a full range of networking and security services in these environments. NSX-T was launched this year to address these modern environments. This talk provides a deep dive into the architecture and capabilities of NSX-T. We'll show how to address container workloads and integrate with frameworks like kubernetes. We'll also cover cross-cloud networking and security capabilities that allow consistent networking policies across any cloud, public or private. Prior knowledge of network virtualization required.

Why Moving Mobile, Windows, PCs, Apps, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to a Digital Workspace Is Strategic and Important

The end-user computing landscape is evolving from standalone and isolated experiences/devices/services to a unified digital workspace. At the center of the digital workspace is the user, where their experience is tailored to their needs as well as the needs of the business, all of which are delivered in a secure and reliable way. In this session, we'll explore why and how you should make the move.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure for VMware vSphere® customers - Why VMware vSAN™ is the Answer

As Hyper Converged Infrastructure continues to grow in the storage industry VMware has continued to innovate with vSAN™ and now leads the market. Everything you knew before is now old! Come and learn what VMware has been up to and how you can use vSAN™ in your projects to make your life easier, and way cooler!

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 5

DEV OPS Fireside Chat 5
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